The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from James F Morgan

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I’ve started this extracurricular activity only recently. Before I began, I felt a sense of being overwhelmed and intimidated by the 750 word count. One may extrapolate that I was suffering from, ‘sticker shock.’

However, as I rested my knurled over worked hands on the beautiful instrument of my trade, my fingers came to life and I fell ‘write’ into it. With the joyous clacking music beating in my ears. I went from zero words, to 100, to 500 and before I knew it. I surpassed that magical 750 number and without so much as a glance back words, I kept on going.

With this one achievement clearly notched on my belt. I dust off my empty steel can of Folgers coffee and fill it to the brim with the wadded up scribbled on papers of my past failed attempts, I dab in a bit of diesel fuel, strike a kitchen match and with great pomp and gusto, I light it up.

As my old insecurities flash away into ash and smoke, I take into serious consideration, setting up camp here and staying for a while. As my metaphor extinguishes its’ self out. I think to myself. “I know without a shadow of a doubt. This is where it will happen. This is where I will make my stand. This is where I will conduct myself in my own personal field of battle.”

The die has been cast, the weapons of my choice are forged. From the cinders of my failed past, I retrieve my newly minted sword and shield of confidence and join the ranks of other potential writers.

Sitting here writing this, I take a moment to survey my fellow peers, I see the vast potential surrounding me, as I imagine a future filled with awe and wonder. I think to myself.

“This is where it all started.”

Testimonial Note from James F Morgan on Wed, May 30
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