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A Note of Inspiration from Miruna Stanica

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A question for other folks, out of curiosity: to what extent and in what ways do you go back over what you have written? At this point, I have over 250,000 words and even with the search function and the export function, I find it hard to manage ideas or find particular things I’ve written. This is partly because I use 750 for a mishmash of things: personal journaling, work-related writing, generating ideas for writing projects—but I can’t easily separate those things out into folders/categories.
I forget a lot of my own ideas and insights, which is why I started using 750 in the first place, but now the ideas are written down but not always findable, and I have so many entries that I can’t sit down and read them all at once. I am toying with printing out all the entries and putting them in a 3-ring binder, to make browsing and an overview easier. Any other ideas/thoughts?

Testimonial Note from Miruna Stanica on Sun, Apr 29
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