The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Guy Smiley

1 cup

I’ve known about this site for such a long time but for whatever reason did not think it was for me. One day not long ago I simply had too many things on my mind, most of which I really couldn’t share with anyone, and I couldn’t square them all away. And then I remembered 750words.

Thank goodness for that. Not only has it given me a positive morning routine that clears my mind and makes my personal thoughts more ready for those with whom I interact, but it made me realize I was thinking about things I didn’t even realize. The process was the catalyst which caused me to reconnect with an old friend. It has been nothing but positive.

And I learned about Bedlam Coffee, a discovery that will be put to good use when I visit Seattle soon!

Testimonial Note from Guy Smiley on Thu, Apr 26
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