The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Pernille Hughes

2 cups

This week i have been down with Gastro ( as in the bug, not some rapper type), but getting to go my pages was something that i had to do, even between vomits. admittedly the entries were slower, and i didn’t have much to say, but they did get done. or so i thought. in one night’s delirium, i signed out thinking i’d managed 774 words, and now i spot that it was infact 747. ACH!! 3 words short, bringing my 142 day streak to an end. I am gutted, and so annoyed at myself but it goes to show how engrained 750words has become for me. So, back to being an egg then, albeit a thinner one after this week…

Testimonial Note from Pernille Hughes on Fri, Mar 23
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