The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Dianna Goodwin

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so i have been writing more or less every day since last June. I finally missed a day on December 13 because I had to go on a really long work day and didn’t get home until nearly midnight and was exhausted and just didn’t think of it and so I missed a day. Then I thought, living my life was far more important than not missing a day. So I have missed more days; two in february, one because i simply forgot and one because I was busy, once in March because I forgot and once because I was in a hotel (boycott Mariott) and it charged $12.50 a day for internet and I said, no way. So the tyranny of 750 words a day is the flip side of the inspiration and the discipline. I have written almost 368,000 word since June so it is ok to miss a day. Missing a day is not the damn point, people. Writing is the point.

Testimonial Note from Dianna Goodwin on Sun, Mar 18
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