The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Nora Coon

4 cups

This site has been an incredible tool. I used it as motivation to write a novel last winter (the major reason I got my 100K badge), and have recently come back to it after an unfortunate break. I love the clean design, which minimizes distraction while offering an appealing place to write. I appreciate that you start each day with a clean page; it’s reasonably easy to access old work, but I actually find that the blank page makes it easier to start in on your words. I also love being able to see metadata immediately after finishing my words.

The badges, too, are the perfect level of incentive – just enough to give you a little push to write that day and keep your streak going. As a former Girl Scout, I am always inspired by badges.

Keep up the great work – I’m determined to get my 100-day badge this time!

Testimonial Note from Nora Coon on Wed, Mar 14
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