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A Note of Inspiration from Kay Vreeland

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I want to inspire the site caretakers to take care of my grouses…….
Thanks for having so many fun features on this site, they have kept me going as I passed Phoenix and head for Pterodactyl!
Now my grouse note:
I wish my deleted-before-writing dates would go away instead of staying on the list under Settings: Schedule Time Off.
I wish my two latest badges were next to the others instead of being isolated two rows down and to the left of all the others.
I wish I appeared, even once, in the “People writing this month” “Updated hourly”: I have checked back once an hour all day long, hoping to see my name and never see it. Ah, that hunger to have my name up in lights! How is this list updated, from the top or from the bottom?
I wish there were a few badges between the long-spaced ones (yes, lots of badges in the early days motivate us to get hooked on writing daily, but gold-star-junkies need a few more often). Maybe if we use FICTION or NON-FICTION metatags we would get a badge after a certain number of entries, not necessarily consecutive.
And my fifth wish was granted as I hit 100 days and the Phoenix Badge = my local weather appears on my stats page now = HAPPY!
Thanks for all your work on a site that has taken me back to being a writer!

One Month Challenge Bounty from Kay Vreeland on Sun, Mar 11
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