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A Note of Inspiration from Kayden

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I started writing morning pages aged 18 when my parental guardian left a copy of The Artists Way in my bedroom. When notebooks became scarce I started writing on a word processor, but it never occurred to me to scale down the amount I was writing — I would still write 3 pages a day, only in 10pt font! Until I found this site it never even crossed my mind that I was writing about 3 times what I needed to, and getting confused trying to “fill” that space and taking up to 2 hours a day to do so! This site has revitalised my waning relationship with morning pages, and the additional textual analysis aspect is just an amazing, illuminating feature.

Morning pages got me through some VERY tough spots of the last decade and combines that basic tool with much a deeper, technology-based approach to self-reflection.

Absolutely love it and glad I stumbled on the site.
Testimonial Note from Kayden on Fri, Feb 17
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