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A Note of Inspiration from Kim Munoz

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I have been using your site to help me overcome the writer’s block that I have had around writing my dissertation. I am a single mother with a middle schooler who needs a lot of help with his homework. He is very smart, but does not write down his thoughts. I spend immense amounts of my own energy helping him to write his thoughts down and then I used to not have the energy to write my dissertation.

I started coming to your site at 5am every morning and writing about my emotions around my dissertation and what is blocking me. Now I am mostly writing the vignettes that will be a part of my dissertation and book on your site.

I want to support 826, because it is something like what my son really needs. I am sure there are many children who do not feel comfortable writing down their thoughts and fully expressing themselves. I cannot afford a private tutor, so I hope to be able to find something like 826 for my child. He would become a better writer through this, I know he will over time anyway, and I will finish my dissertation and a book.

BTW, I am becoming more patient with my son and his homework as I make more progress on my own project, too.

Double Down on Charity Note from Kim Munoz on Sun, Feb 12
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