The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Neil Johnson

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I just finished my second consecutive and successful monthly challenge, and I’ve written well over 100,000 words since I started. Now my favorite part of my day is when I sit down to write my 750. As someone who has struggled literally for decades with the difficulties of writing every day, this is a tremendous achievement. A big shout out of thanks to Buster for his great work on building this site, and the community of writers it supports! I love the beautiful simplicity of the writing page, my tabla rasa, which looks to my eye to be enticing and full of promise, instead of a fearsome burden to overcome. I’ve learned how to just write, to turn off the internal critic, to get the words and thoughts out of my head, through my fingertips, and onto the page, quickly and honestly.

Testimonial Note from Neil Johnson on Thu, Dec 01
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