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A Note of Inspiration from Peter Tangney

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Daily Questions.

Sometimes I, and I imagine others, have a difficult time coming up with 750 words each and every day. A daily question or survey feature could help.

One way would be to have a topic of the day, similar to Plinky. The topic could be anything.

Another idea, could be a daily survey of sorts. There could be a list of a few (self created) questions that you answer each day. For example, ‘How did school/work go’, ‘what did you eat for breakfast’, or ‘how much time did you waste watching tv today’.

There could be a list of default questions along with user submitted questions or even your own personalized questions. This feature would be really helpful on those days when we get a mental block, but really want to continue our writing streak.

New Feature Request Note from Peter Tangney on Fri, Jul 01
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