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A Note of Inspiration from Yonmei onIJ

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Away From The Internet

Sometimes you can look ahead and see that in October (for example) there’s going to be a week or more when you’re not going to have access to the Internet, and so are not going to be able to add your 750 words every day – even if you’re writing them.

It would be great if there could be an Away From The Internet feature that lets you book a specific number of days in advance, and allows you on return to the Internet to post your 750 words for each of those days. This feature could even be paid for with Cups of Patronage, so it would be only accessible to people who have already invested a lot of time in writing for this site.

Obviously I know I keep writing! But I’ll never get my Astronaut badge at this rate and it makes me SAD.

New Feature Request Note from Yonmei onIJ on Tue, Jun 28
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