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A Note of Inspiration from Jadelyn

3 cups
Cups of Amnesty

For each of the “bigger” levels you attain – like, say albatross and up – you earn a cup of amnesty with each level gain. Or you could exchange three months of wall of awesome status for a cup of amnesty, as well (or more, or less; fiddle with the ratio if you need to), which would give people even further incentive to do the one-month challenges. And each cup of amnesty will allow you to “buy forgiveness” for a missed day. They should be very rare so you don’t make it too easy to miss and just get forgiveness, but I think it would be a really good idea so that someone who has 200+ days streak doesn’t have to start over completely from zero for missing a single day.

New Feature Request Note from Jadelyn on Tue, Jun 07
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