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A Note of Inspiration from Suzanne Wayne

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Daily Badge Holder Totals

I was wondering if we could see the total number of people on the site who had earned each badge (as of the day before.)

On the Today’s Writers page, on the right hand side, you have a column that shows all the possible badges and how many writers with that badge had written so far that day.

Could you also add a second number after the first that shows how many people total from the previous day had that badge?

So for Albatross, it would show the badge, then 56/209

Meaning that so far that day, 56 albatross badge-holders had written, while as of the day before, 209 people had that badge.

Sorry if my suggestion doesn’t make sense. Guess I need to keep writing to polish those technical writing skills.

Thanks for the great site – it is a great resource for me.

New Feature Request Note from Suzanne Wayne on Fri, May 27
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