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A Note of Inspiration from Kara Ortiz

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method of saving that works

every day for at least the last 10 days, i’ve clicked either the word count at the bottom or hovered over another link (which brings up the “quickly saving your…” green box on the top right.) and EVERY DAY it chops off anywhere from 20 – 50 words. EVERY DAY. PLEASE fix this, as i have to go back and “finish” writing if it lowers be below 750, which it often does. thank you for an otherwise great site.

btw – it took me $4 to write you this, if you think about it. kind of funny, cause i know you “like to hear from us” via regular email. i’ve already regularly emailed to no avail. doesn’t mean i’m upset, just means i’d REALLY like save to actually work. please please please.

New Feature Request Note from Kara Ortiz on Wed, May 11
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