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A Note of Inspiration from rance takahashi

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i’ve never been much of a writer, have never blogged, have a twitter account but usually only read the posts of who i’m following, not required to write much for my job, wrote papers in college but have already graduated, you can see where this is going. however, once a couple of my friends showed me this website ( ), i was intrigued and eager to try my hand at it.

needless to say, this website has had much positive effects on me. it’s become a semi – ritual, or pattern, to keep logging daily. the badges are little incentives to keep going, and i’ve even noticed my writing skills improving as time goes on.

i recently read one of the first posts i had written, and can see vast improvement in not only grammar, but subject matter as well. i know no one reads the posts but myself, but it’s a nice sense of gratification when i see that i’m improving.

it’s also become a stress reliever and almost theraputic time for when when i log. i just received my phoenix badge for 100 straight days, and i’m looking forward to hitting the 100,000 word count, which should be within the next week or 2, i’m hoping.

thank you for providing a simple venue for people like to me to be inspired and motivated, not only to write, but to have positive results in more ways that one!!

Testimonial Note from rance takahashi on Wed, Apr 13
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